Parents’ Association

The Parents' Association is made up of parents who volunteer their time to raise funds to provide the children with equipment and facilities that are not provided for by the funding allocated to the school from the government.

What we do

We meet about every 4-6 weeks in term time to plan and discuss ways we can raise these funds and organise social events for parents. The committee needs the support of all parents either giving up some of their time or supporting the events we organise.

History of the PA

In the records available to us we believe that the Parents’ Association started in October 1935. It would appear in the early days that the parents had to pay a subscription of 1 shilling per annum. In those days the money raised was for causes in the community but in 1937 the PA was asked to consider providing financial help for the school library. Throughout the history of the PA there have been periods of enthusiastic activity and other times when very little has been recorded. Since the 1980s the PA has been very active in raising funds for the school.

Joining the Parents’ Association

Parents are welcome to join the PA at the annual general meeting in October or by sending the form below to

At our meetings we put forward ideas for an event or activity, discuss it and, if it is considered viable, we plan, organise and implement it.

If you would like to help occasionally without being on the committee we would be delighted to hear from you. Please download and complete our PA Needs You form. Your details will be placed on the relevant database and you will be contacted by email to see if you can help with refreshments at events or at parents’ evenings – the level of involvement or amount of time you give is up to you.

How you can find out what events are taking place

Details of meetings, the AGM, and all events with applications forms for tickets are all available on the PA page of the school website. We also regularly send an update by email, have a feature in the RGS News, and mention in the Headmaster’s termly letter.

Staff and pupils are encouraged to apply for the funds raised and these requests are considered and in most cases supported.

These are some of the items that the PA provides/has provided:

  • Complete funding and running of the school mini bus

  • Annual maintenance of planters and the school pond

  • ICT equipment

  • Table tennis tables
  • Hockey masks, PE mats, hurdles and other sports equipment
  • iPads
  • Tents and stoves for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions

  • Careers room equipment

  • Language recording devices

  • Saddle cloths for the equestrian team

  • House bibs and badges and prefect gowns

  • Buzzers for the school challenge team

  • School hall stage curtains

  • Outdoor PA system
  • Materials for the Green Power Club.

How you can help

Please see the separate page in the Parents’ Association section of the website.