Pastoral care

A central principle underlying the pastoral system is that young people are most likely to be successful academically if they feel secure in their school environment.

Ripon Grammar School gives great weight to the importance of effective induction and on-going guidance for each student in order to try to ensure that each young person is both happy and successful.

We believe the pastoral organisation of the school is very effective in what it sets out to achieve: a secure environment in which all students are valued, and in which they can be successful and reach their potential.

The school pastoral system is divided into three sections:

  • Lower School KS3
  • The Upper School KS4
  • The Sixth Form KS5

Pastoral Management Team

Miss Rachael Clark, head of Upper School
Mrs Louise Johnson, deputy head of Upper School
Miss Arwen Hoskins, head of Year 7
Mr Patrick Barber, head of Year 8
Mr Jonny Harding, head of Year 9

Mrs Patricia Etherington, Inclusion Manager/SENCO

Mrs Emma Hewison, Pastoral Support Officer

As well as the heads of school and their deputies, a key referral point for other members of staff and for parents is our Pastoral Support Officer  and the students’ form tutors. Students meet with their form tutor twice daily and the form tutor will play a central role in guiding and supporting each student to achieve their maximum potential. Our Pastoral Support Officer is available every day for students in the Lower School and the Upper School.

Induction Process

Links with primary schools are of paramount importance in terms of the initial induction of students into the secondary school environment. The head of lower school aims to visit the majority of students in their primary schools prior to a Welcome Evening and Induction Day in the summer term.

Transition Between Key Stages

Great care is taken as students move from one Key Stage to the next to ensure a smooth transition. The transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 is marked by the transfer of responsibility to the upper school and by a comprehensive transition programme, which begins in the Third Form.

The Sixth Form Office oversees the transition from Key Stage 4 to the Sixth Form. A comprehensive Induction Programme is provided for students prior to entering the Sixth Form. Nearly all of the GCSE students at Ripon Grammar School progress into the Sixth Form where they are joined by students from other schools and colleges who have been successful in applying for a place.