Communication with parents

Ripon Grammar School believes that working with parents is of paramount importance to each child's educational success.

The school places a high value on the triangular relationship between parents, student and staff. We hope that parents will get to know the school and the staff who are responsible for the education of their son or daughter. Effective communication between parents and school is essential to ensure the safety, well-being, motivation and all-round development of each student.

We ask you, as parents, to support your son or daughter’s learning by providing guidance and encouragement and somewhere for them to study at home. In addition to our formal reporting procedures we maintain contact with parents in a variety of ways:

  • Every student receives 2 reports during the course of each academic year. A full written report is normally issued after school examinations, which are held in the summer term for most year groups. A brief report is usually issued earlier in the year, giving an indication of each student’s effort and progress. Additional information.
  • A Parents’ Evening is arranged for each year group once per year and parents may also consult members of the staff by arrangement at other times.
  • There is a home/school agreement to ensure that parents and staff work together to encourage the best possible development of each student.
  • Parents wishing to discuss any matter concerning their child can contact the school by telephone or e-mail.
  • The many successes of the school are regularly reported in local and national press.
  • Ripon Grammar maintains links with parents via a termly newsletter from the Headmaster.
  • ‘RGS News’, our monthly, on line magazine, keeps parents up to date with the many achievements of our students
  • The school website provides a vast amount of information and advice and we aim to keep it up to date.
  • Our active and supportive Friends of Ripon Grammar School (FRGS) works with the school very closely.
  • Informal contact can be made with staff at school events such as plays, concerts and sporting fixtures.
  • We have a number of Parent Governors as active members of the governing body, receiving and giving feedback.
  • The school maintains a Twitter account with regular news updates.
  • Increasingly, e-mails are used by the school to more efficiently send information to parents.
  • There is a mobile phone text system to advise parents of unreported absences.
  • Severe weather causing school closure is reported via local radio major radio stations, text to parents and via a website notification.