School trips

Ripon Grammar School runs an ambitious programme of residential trips to enhance students’ learning and to provide intensive study of a particular area of the curriculum. These trips also have wider benefits in giving students the chance to be independent, to experience new places and often new cultures, to broaden their horizons and to build confidence.

Our residential trips are separate to the day visits and curriculum visits that take place throughout the school year.

Click on the images below to read more about some of our recent school trips to Italy, Iceland and Paris:

World Challenge

Biennial 'World Challenge' expedition - every other year students have the opportunity to participate in this significant expedition to countries not typically on the tourist trail.

Previous expeditions have included Malaysia and Borneo, Cambodia and Vietnam, and Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

Students who are in the fourth to sixth form may apply for a place on a World Challenge expedition. 

In 2018, over fifty students and staff spent four weeks in Ecuador where they took part in jungle treks, climbed volcanoes and stood on the equator. One team stayed with an indigenous Quichua community where they built accommodation in order to encourage eco-tourism.

In 2014, over fifty students and staff spent four weeks in Nicaragua and Costa Rica where they took part in jungle treks, climbed volcanoes, visited remote coastal regions and worked with underprivileged children in schools. In summer 2016 a group of students visited Malaysia and Borneo and worked with local villagers on a bridge project.

RGS School Visits overview 2019-20

Year Group Department Venue Duration Date Cost No of Students Lead Staff
7 Geography Ripon Half a day 23rd September 120 RAW
7 Science The Deep, Hull 1 day June £16 120 ERG
8 History Beamish 1 day 8th January £15 120 JF
8 MFL French Normandy 6 days 10th - 16th July £540 120 ITC
9 PE Bewerley Park 5 days 11th - 15th May £340- £350 120 AJM
9 Geography Flamborough Head 1 day 29th June £15 130 RAW
9/10 Astronomy Space Centre, Leicestershire 1 day 3rd June MBB
9/10/11/L6 MFL French French Exchange 9 days 29th Oct - 6th Nov £350 ITC
10 English Ripon Museums 1 day 15th October 130 HCM
10 Food and Nutrition Thirsk Herb Farm Morning 1st, 8th, 10 June (8.30-11.15 am) LS
10 Geography Fieldwork (River Eea) 1 day 23rd March £15 50 RAW
10/11 History Vienna & Munich 6 days 12th - 17th February £700-£800 50 DHB + JF
10- U6 Classics Greece 6 days 3rd - 8th April £700 50 MTW
11 Geography York 1 day 17th October £10 RAW
11 Biology Biology Live, Leeds 1 day 10th February JRL
11 Food & Nutrition London, Borough Market 1 day 30th June 45 LS
11/L6 Careers Apprenticeship Fair, Harrogate 1 day 8 October RW
10/ 11/L6/U6 MFL German Bremen, Germany 5 days 23rd - 27th October £500 23 DSS
11/U6 Astronomy/Physics Jodrell Bank, Manchester 1 day 13th November £30 MBB
L6 Careers Harrogate 1 day 8th October £12.50 15 RW
L6 Chemistry York 1 day 23rd June £7.00 RWG
L6 Art London 2 days 18th-19th October £125 FAH
L6 Careers Global Market Event, Leeds 1 day 25th October £36 15 RW
L6 Geography Hornsea, Scarborough & Leeds 2 days 11th - 12th March £25 35 RAW
L6 Biology Malham 1 day 12th June £6 JRL
L6 Sixth Form UCAS Conference, Leeds 1 day 17th June EG
L6 Biology Edinburgh 1 day 25th June £110 AH
L6 Sixth Form Newcastle University 1 day June £10 140 EG
L6 Psychology Psychology Conference, York 1 day June £20 15 MKD
L6 Sixth Form Oxbridge Conference, Newcastle 1 day March £10 30 EG
L6 Sixth Form Oxford University open days 3 days July £50 30 EG
L6 Sixth Form Cambridge University open days 3 days July £50 30 EG
L6 Sixth Form Leeds Beckett University 1 day 17th June £10 140 EG
L6 Careers ASDA Trade Fair x 2 (York and Harrogate) 1 day December £26 and £12.50 15 RW
L6 Careers National YE Trade Fair, Stratford 1 day March £161 15 RW
L6/U6 English RSC Prod. Taming of the Shrew 1 day 18th March £28 50 BCF
L6/U6 PE York St John University 1 day 23rd October AJM
L6/U6 Careers Bar Mock Trials 1 day 30th November £36 15 RW
L6/U6 English Haworth, Bronte Parsonage 1 day 5th February HCM
U6 Geography Liverpool 2 days 2nd-3rd October £80 16 RAW
U6 Art Paris, France 3 days 14th - 17th November £415 24 FAH
U6 Biology Biology Live, Manchester 1 day 26th November JRL
U6 Biology Centre for Life, Newcastle 2 days 13th - 14th January £19 JRL
U6 Careers YE Area Final 1 day May £30 15 RW
All PE Ski Trip 7 days 15th - 22nd February £990 AJM
L6/U6 World Challenge Training 2 days 14th - 15th March ERG
10 DofE Bronze Practice 1, Nidderdale 3 days 24th - 26th April JAH
10 DofE Bronze Practice 2, Nidderdale 2 days 9th - 10th May JAH
10 DofE Bronze Qualifying 1, Nidderdale 2 days 20th - 21st June JAH
10 DofE Bronze Qualifying 2, Nidderdale/Littondale 2 days 4th - 5th July JAH
L6 DofE Gold Practice, Swaledale/Wensleydale 3 days 4th - 7th April JAH
L6 DofE Gold Gold Qualifying, Lake District 4 days 19th - 23rd July     JAH