At Ripon Grammar School we use a biometric cashless payment so students can buy their lunch and break-time snacks without the need to carry cash. Incorporating the latest technology, it reduces the risk of lost money and does not require students to carry a card or remember a PIN.

On the first day of term, students have their fingerprint scanned to register them on the system. (The actual fingerprint image is not retained but is converted to a number, which the system recognises.) Each student then has a school meal account set up in their name. When the come to ‘buy’ their lunch or a snack in school, the system recognises their fingerprint at the till.

In order that each account has credit to allow a purchase, parents or carers need to put money into their child’s account in advance. Any amount of money can be paid in and the money spent on food and drink deducted on a daily basis. No cash is accepted at the till points in school.

Money can be paid into an account in three ways:

  1. By giving a student cash to put in the revaluation machine (situated in the main corridor near classroom T1.)
  2. By using Auto Top-Up, this is accessed via the link in Parentpay.
  3. By paying online using ParentPay with a debit card (or credit card).

ParentPay is the country’s market leader in online payment systems for schools, allowing parents to make secure e-payments in their child’s school account quickly and easily by debit card. 

It gives parents the freedom to make payments whenever they want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many parents welcome the certainty that money paid using Parentpay will reach school safely and that it can only be spent on school meals and snack items. It also gives parents the ability to view online what meals have been chosen and exactly how the money has been spent.

Parentpay can also be used to pay for our extensive range of school trips and other miscellaneous items.

Parents who wish to register with ParentPay, should email Ms J Braithwaite ( for an activation code.

Parents who are already registered and wish to change their child’s spend limit should also send their request to

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