Extra-curricular listing

Many extra-curricular activities are available throughout the school. The opportunity to take up a new challenge and to develop skills to a high level is a major attraction to many students. This can be a good way to make new friends through common interests and to start on what may become lifelong hobbies.

October 2020 - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not currently holding as many extra-curricular clubs as normal.  Please see last year's for information; we hope to resume as many of these as possible in the near future.


Before School
Brass Ensemble

Swimming (Training)

Lunchtime Activities

Staff & Venue
Mr Highton in MU1
Mr Milner (7.30-8.30)
Year Group
All year groups
All year groups
Day Staff & Venue Year Group
Ancient Greek Fri Mr Weston in L4 All year groups
Biology Society Fri Dr Linklater in S2 Sixth Form
Careers Club [monthly] Wed Mrs Locke in H1 All year groups
Careers Drop-in Mon - Fri Mrs Locke/Mr Walker in Careers Room All year groups
Chemical Society Tue Dr Grime in S14 All year groups
Chemistry Drop-in Clinic Fri Dr Grime in S14 All year groups
Chemistry Drop-in Clinic Wed Mr Highton in S14 All year groups
Chemistry Drop-in Clinic Mon Mrs Caldwell in S14 All year groups
Chamber Orchestra Thurs Mr Barker in MU1 Y10-Y13
Debating Society Thurs Mr Bruce SF6 (check notice board) All year groups
Design Technology Club Wed Mrs Stevenson in T1 Y7 - 9
Football Thur Mr Milner on Field U12/U13
Guitar Ensemble Thur Miss Taylor in MU2 All year groups
History Club Wed Mr Long/Mrs Fell in HL07 Y7/8
Hockey Thur Miss Gilfillan on Astroturf U12
Hockey Fri Miss Gilfillan Astroturf U14
Hockey Wed Miss Gilfillan on Astroturf U13
Junior String Ensemble Mon Miss Stables in MU2 Y7 - 9
Latin Wed Mr Weston in L4 Y10
Latin Tue Mr Weston in L4 Y10
Man Choir Fri Mr Barker in MU2 3rd to Sixth form
MFL drop –in clinic Wed Mr Chamberlain HL03 Y10/11
Musicality Tues Miss Taylor in MU1 Y7 - 9
Netball Tue Miss Clark Courts and SH U14
Netball Wed Miss Clark Courts and SH U12
Netball Thur Mrs Mackenzie Courts and SH U13
Princes Trust Tue Mr Walker Cellars Y10 - 12
Reading for Pleasure Mon-Fri Mrs Dring in the Library All year groups
Rugby Mon Mr Milner/Mr Harding on Field U15/U16
Rugby Tues Mr Milner/Mr Harding on Field U13/U14
Rugby Wed Mr Milner on Field U12
Running Club Fri Mrs Rickard/Mrs Dunne All year groups
Science Club Thur Dr Grime in S5 Y7
Senior Girls’ Choir Tue Mrs Sladden in MU1 Y10 - Y13
Swimming (Improvers) Fri Mrs Mackenzie All year groups
Wind Band Wed Mr Barker in MU1 All year groups (Grade 2 upwards)
Wordsmiths [reading and writing for pleasure] Thur Mrs Dring in Library KS3
Young Enterprise Mon Mr Walker Cellars Y12
After School Activities Day Staff Year Group
Art (GCSE Catch-up) Mon Mrs Howes A2 Y10/11
Art (GCSE Catch-up) Wed Mrs Henson A3 Y10/11
Art (GCSE Catch-up) Thur Miss Ball in A2 Y10/11
Badminton Mon Margaret Taylor, coach inSH All year groups
Big Band Tues Mr Barker in MU1 All year groups (by audition/invitation)
Chamber Choir Thur Mr Barker in MU1 All year groups (by audition)
Climbing Wall Club Wed Mr Chamberlain/Mrs Priestley All year groups
Coding Club Tue Miss Anderson S01 All year groups
Greenpower Wed Mr Mann in T2 All year groups
Hockey Mon Mr Bosomworth on Astro U15 & U16 4 – 5.00pm
Hockey Tues Miss Gilfillan Astro U13/U14
Hockey Thur Mr Bosomworth Indoor U15/U16 & U18
Latin Thur Mr Weston in L4 Y11
Latin Wed Mr Weston in l4 Y10
Music Theory Mon Mr Barker in MU2 All year groups
Netball Mon Miss Clark Courts U12
Netball Wed Mrs Mackenzie/ Miss Clarke Courts and SH U15/U16 & U18
Rugby Tues Mr Harding/Mr Miller U18