Our values and vision

Our Values

At the heart of a Ripon Grammar School education lie a set of inter-related values which we wish to instil into every student as they start and progress through the school. These values should guide us in all that we do.

Our Values

Integrity: We want out students to be leaders guided by a core set of beliefs and who instinctively know what is the right thing to do in any given situation

Kindness: We want our students to value each other and support each other in a spirit of mutual cooperation

Curiosity: We recognise that a love of learning springs from a curiosity to understand and ask questions

Aspiration: We want our students to aim high and have strong aspirations to pursue their passions in life

Empathy: At the centre of kindness and care for others lies an ability to connect with each other

Inclusivity: We want an community which recognises our differences in a spirit of equality

Community: We want our students to recognise the importance of community both within and outside of school

Our Vision

We develop these values through the following visions:

  • We establish a safe and secure school environment for both boarding and day students
  • We recognise that physical and emotional wellbeing are the basis of success and individual flourishing
  • We consistently pursue high academic performance within the context of a selective grammar school, including outstanding literacy, numeracy and oracy
  • We provide a stimulating and world class educational environment- both curricular and co-curricular
  • We ensure positive outcomes for life after school through our academic results, an emphasis on personal student development and supportive careers advice
  • We value mutual and strong relationships between students and staff
  • We recognise that all can play a role through individual leadership in whatever capacity
  • We are a community school who see ourselves rooted in the local community and value strong links with our parent body