School uniform

Our uniform policy aims to ensure that all our students are smartly dressed and act as ambassadors for the school whilst in the local community.

All members of staff aim to ensure that students are well presented and wear their uniform with pride. Form Tutors regularly check uniform during registration periods. Parents can support the school in making sure that their son/daughter has the correct items of uniform at the start of the new school year and wear their uniform correctly sleeves down and cuffs fastened, top shirt button fastened, tie worn at a reasonable length with a tidy knot and skirts to be worn just above the knee.

We recognise there is an expense attached to school uniform and we aim to ensure that parents get the best value for money from our named uniform suppliers. We encourage parents to support these and to make purchases locally:

Smart Start - 3 High Skellgate, Ripon. Tel: 01765 607183. Email:

Smart start online

Ripon Uniform Shop - 64 Blossomgate, Ripon. Tel: 01765 692233.


If you need help with the purchase of a school uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school in complete confidence.

It is not necessary for parents purchase the entire uniform from the outset as some items not needed until the summer term. These are listed separately, as are those articles of clothing which are optional.

The school uniform list can be found here.

Please click here to see our school regulations concerning uniform, appearance and personal possessions.

*Please note: we kindly request that students do not bring nuts, or products containing nuts, to school