Ofsted boarding report summary

State school boarding is regularly inspected by Ofsted. Inspectors visit the boarding houses and hold meetings with governors, staff and students. They scrutinise documentation and analyse parental questionnaires, as they would in a whole-school inspection. In addition, when inspecting a boarding provision, the Ofsted Social Care Inspector interviews boarders, inspects the boarding houses and meets with managers.

Ripon Grammar School’s boarding provision underwent a no-notice inspection by Ofsted in February 2022. We are pleased to report we were judged 'good' in all three categories reported on: experience and progress of children, help and protection of children and the effectiveness of leaders. 

Inspection evidence came from observations and interviews with students, staff and parents, with the two inspectors concluding that boarders at RGS make excellent progress, develop positive relationships and enjoy the boarding experience.

Safeguarding was regarded as effective with strong trusting relationships, effective oversight of premises and vigilant staff.

The inspectors also felt boarding was supported by aspirational and well-qualified staff with a good level of student voice.

Given the increased vigour which is being applied to the Ofsted inspection framework, we are extremely pleased with the inspectors' summary. 

You can read the full inspection report by clicking here but we have also listed a few highlights of direct quotes from the Ofsted report.

"Students enjoy boarding at RGS. They make new friends and enjoy socialising with children of all ages. Children feel they are fortunate to board at this school and believe the experience helps their overall development. Students told inspectors their boarding houses are like 'big families'."

"Students make excellent progress with their education. They develop effective routines for their studies and are helped by boarding house tutors. The guidance children receive helps them achieve very good academic results. Students studying for A-levels are increasingly independent in their learning. They feel this is good preparation for university."

"Children's behaviour is excellent. This has a positive impact on their overall progress in school."

"The opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities us one of the strengths of the boarding provision."

"Children develop positive relationships with boarding staff and feel they can talk and share any issues or worries. They feel able to do so, because of the strength of relationships they develop. Everyone has someone they can talk to, which means children feel reassured."

"The head of boarding is aspirational for children, she knows their progress as well as their vulnerabilities, ensuring children receive the support they need and identifying children who can rise to the challenge of student leadership. She provides encouragement for them to succeed."

"Staff are vigilant and children's safety is prioritised, with strong, trusting relationships between staff and children. Staff regularly complete training and as a result of the support and training they receive, they improve their ability to understand and meet the needs of the children. Staff feel well supported."