Upper school Information

At Ripon Grammar School the Upper School covers Key Stage 4 (fourth and fifth form). The head of Year 11 is Mrs Katy Hawthorne and the Head of Year 10 is Mr Patrick Barber.  Our Pastoral Support Officer, Mrs Emma Hewison, is also available for students in both the Lower and the Upper School.


Each year group has around 130 students, including boarders and day students. Each year is split into four or five forms, depending on numbers.

Students are taught in forms for English, Religious Studies, PE and Information Technology; in other subjects they are taught their GCSE options which are decided at the end of 3rd form. Subjects such as mathematics and French are taught in sets.


The weekly timetable can be found here.

Morning registration are in form rooms. Students will attend a whole school assembly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings; they will have form time on Tuesday and Thursday, however this time may be used for a year group assembly.

Form time discussion and activities have a pastoral theme and cover topics which often inform the wider curriculum, as well as supporting students in their day-to-day lives.

Lunchtime. Food is served in the hall for the first 30 minutes of the lunch break with year groups following a weekly rota. We operate a cashless, biometric payment system individualised to each student. For more information on this, please visit our page on ParentPay.

A number of lunch clubs operate during the lunch break. Please visit our School Life pages for more information on extra-curricular activities, clubs and societies.

4:05pm -School buses depart. For more information on bus schedule and routes, please visit the Transport page in the School Life section.

NOTE: All pupils should be in school by 08:45 for the morning session and 13:50 for the afternoon session.

Transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

We work closely with the Lower School team to ensure the transition into the Upper School runs as smoothly as possible. There is support for students on choosing their GCSE options and there is an information evening held at the school during the third year.

The third year students will become part of the Upper School during the summer term after the fifth form go on study leave. This is an opportunity for these students to begin focus on their GCSE studies and prepare themselves for each course, as well as allow the transition to Upper School to be as smooth as possible.

Fourth form

Having made their GCSE choices, students begin the fourth form with a significant workload of up to 10 GCSE subjects. There is an information evening early in September to set out expectations and to explain coursework requirements.

Fifth form

The fifth form is a very important year for our students. There is a goal at the end of the year and preparations towards examinations and Post-16 options become increasingly important. Guidance for revision techniques and study skills are provided through form time activities and students receive plenty of support throughout the year. Students are given ample opportunity to discuss their destination for Post-16 study and the Upper School Office works closely with the careers department to ensure each student’s needs are catered for. An external careers adviser is employed to provide independent advice regarding post-16 options.

Pastoral care

The first port of call for any issues students may have is their Form Tutor, who they will have throughout the fourth and fifth year. Any academic issues, including homework, coursework or behaviour are conveyed by subject teachers to their respective Head of Department. Our Special Educational Needs Co-coordinator can also provide support if appropriate. If matters are not resolved, they are then referred to the Upper School. We look to provide a supportive and inclusive environment throughout the Upper School at an important time in students’ lives.

To contact us, please email

Head of Year 10 hoy10@ripongrammar.com 

Head of Year 11 hoy11@ripongrammar.com