Ripon Grammar School is a wonderful asset of which staff and students are justifiably proud. The school has some outstanding facilities, particularly for teaching, sport and performing arts, which can be made available for community use.

We are committed to letting various parts of the school premises, for example, halls, classrooms, the swimming pool, to ensure good links with the local and wider community. Maximising the income received from these lettings benefits the school and its students.

We aim to:

  • Generate additional income to Ripon Grammar School for the benefit of its students;
  • Allow lettings to three main categories:
    1. Community Use;  2. Commercial Use   3. Residential Courses;
  • Ensure there are clear Conditions of Hire and Scale of Charges.
  • Ensure insurance and health & safety requirements of lettings are met in full.
  • Generate links and goodwill with the local and wider community.

Any individuals or organisations interested in finding out more about hiring our facilities should contact School Lettings Solutions Limited.