Sixth Form

Admission to Year 12 (Sixth Form) - September 2021

All students wishing to continue their studies into the Sixth Form are required to achieve a minimum of six grade 6s at GCSE, and at least a grade 6 in the subjects they intend to study. Most successful external applicants will be predicted, and subsequently achieve, grades 9 - 7 (or equivalent A*-B) in their GCSE subjects.

Closing date: Monday 8 February 2021

We have now made all of our offers for September, but if you would like to discuss making a late application please contact Mrs Griffiths at

Each year Ripon Grammar School typically admits 40-50 students into the Sixth Form from other schools. Offers are made on the basis of academic potential, based on a student's school reports and their predicted GCSE grades.


Applications for Sixth Form places are made directly to Ripon Grammar School. Further information about the A Level courses offered can be found in the Course Guide 2021 Please follow these links to additional information about the academic departments and information about our Plus One programme from a student perspective.


From the Option Blocks 2021 you must select either:

4 A Level courses from the option blocks below, one from each column.


3 A Level courses, from 3 different columns, and the ‘Plus One’ option or AS Maths, as detailed in the Course Guide 2021

3. SIXTH FORM ONLINE APPLICATION FORMS - September 2021 entry only

All applicants, for day or boarding, must complete the online  'Application to Sixth Form'. Those students applying for a boarding place must also complete the online 'Sixth Form Suitability for Boarding Form'

Please use the links below:

Sixth Form Application Form - September 2021

Sixth Form Suitability for Boarding Form - September 2021


Following our selection process, any potential boarders who are shortlisted for a place will be invited to an interview as part of the 'suitability for boarding' process.  All boarders pay a bond of £1750 on the acceptance of a place, which is refundable at the end of their academic education here. This bond is not refundable if you are offered a place, accept, achieve the grades for entry but then change your mind. In the event of a student not achieving the entry requirements, the offer of a place may be withdrawn by the school and the bond would be refunded.

A boarding place cannot be converted into a day place.

Further information on the application process, or any aspect of sixth form life, can be obtained by contacting our Sixth Form Co-ordinator, Mrs Emma Griffiths, by email at