Don’t bee a hater; Save the pollinator!

Here’s a revelation;

One creature is responsible for the existence of 85% of all plants, a third of the food we eat and for sustaining our dairy products. Yes, the vastly overlooked bee does all of this.

Tragically the UK’s native bee species are rapidly dying out and have decreased by half in the past fifty years but with a simple square frame packed with hollow bamboo we, at Ripon Grammar School, aim to change this. Another revelation, Revelation, a group of enterprising sixth formers, have embarked on the task of combining entrepreneurial interests with their enthusiasm for the environment by providing a solution; bee hotels.

“The aim of our business is to increase awareness of the problem facing solitary bees in the UK and to inspire our local population to support us in our fight against their extinction.”
Immie Bligh – Marketing Director

The revolution buzz made its way to Sharow Primary School recently where the children were working away like busy bees designing, creating and learning about the bee hotel project.

Flying across the country the team have had a great success with the hand built bee hotels in trade fairs across the country stretching from our hometown of Ripon to Stratford-upon-Avon.

At the national trade fair Revelation were placed second out of nearly 150 equally eager entrepreneurial groups from around the country and since have been placed first in the local Young Enterprise competition. Next came the regional Young Enterprise competition where they swept away the judges winning awards for best presentation, best financial management, best environmental, social and ethical business as well as best overall company.

“Since we started our business in September we have been busy bees to get to where we are now. We have worked long and hard to design, make and run our business to the best of our abilities. We will continue to only work harder as we see a bright future for Revelation”
Will Stobbs – Managing Director

For more information, and the chance to buy a bee hotel, please visit;