Investors Through to Semi-Final

Ripon Grammar Investors Through to the semi-final!

The IFS student investment challenge is a UK based investment game including over 18,000 school teams, 8 of which were from Ripon Grammar school, for students to learn and practise new skills involved in trading on the stock market. The first round of the challenge follows FTSE 100 company stocks and a limited range of smaller companies that students can buy and sell to try to make the best portfolio of shares possible. The challenge consists of two portfolios, the active portfolio which can be constantly adjusted with changes in the market, and the strategic portfolio, which has a limit of 10 trades per month to encourage a long-term attitude to investments in the competitors.

The top 500 teams go through to the second round. One Ripon Grammar School, team have made it through to the semi-final. The second round of the challenge involves one company stock that we must research and estimate the final stock price by the end of trading each Friday using the current market conditions.

The winning team will win an all-expense paid week long trip to New York.

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Bethan Evans U6C