For two nights, junior drama club staged a performance of Scrooge.With auditions starting just before Christmas, there is always a great feeling of fulfilment when the curtain closes for the last time and all your hard work has come to fruition. After all the practising , rehearsals, line learning and meetings, the whole cast pulled together and gave a fantastic show. Mr Fell and Miss Ireland have led the performance from the initial lines mumbled into scripts to the confident actors claiming the stage. It is always a real pleasure to be part of such a lovely team, and for me, one of the real merits of drama is meeting people you never normally would. Many laughs have been had along the way, and every person, from stage managers to chorus members has contributed something to the end product. The atmosphere on both evenings was electric; the nervous energy before the play was almost tangible, the green room buzzing with apprehension.

Makeup is always a big part of the night, and some characters had to be coated in talcum powder and painted white to give the desired ghostly effects, fun for the artists, less so for the actors. The minutes before we started let the real camaraderie show, huge group cheers before the actors got into place.

Then the moment the cast is allowed to celebrate once the final bows are taken is surely the best moment from the whole six months of being a part of Scrooge; the relief, the pride and the people around you make all the toil worth it. As my last junior drama production, it really has gone out on a high note, I would advise anyone to take part, and I look forward to coming to watch next year.

Thank you again to Mr Fell and Miss Ireland for making everything possible, we couldn't have done it without you.