RGS Sports Leader Award

RGS endeavours to produce confident young leaders who are competent in leading and organising activities for their peers and primary school children. The sports leader scheme runs as an option during 4th year games.

The criteria for the award are as follows;

Students will…

  • communicate effectively.
  • plan, organise and lead an activity.
  • select a method of training and design and deliver a 15 – 20 minute fitness session.
  • understand the role of the sports official and umpire/referee a selected game or house match in their preferred sport.
  • provide feedback on others’ performance during a session.
  • ensure there is fair play and that all individuals are treated equally and without bias during a session.

This year several of our sports leaders helped to run a primary school netball festival where they acted as team manager, warmed up their squad and umpired games as well as recording the scores and presenting the prizes. One of our students, Lottie Robinson, is particularly interested in photography so she took it upon herself to photograph the students during the running of this event, having sought parental permission first!

Other students in the group chose to help out during House fixtures acting as umpire and/or referee during Junior House VX.

The awards were;

Bronze Award for Sports Leadership - Katie Hutchinson

Isla Lumsdon

Anna Sutcliffe

Elizabeth Addison

Marina Mitra

Natasha Lovel

Silver Award for Sports Leadership - Emma Money

Amie Fraser

Evie Withington

Lottie Robinson

Grace Palmer

Niamh Frost

Orla Ramsey

Poppy Abbott

Gold Award for Sports Leadership - Louise Taylor

Catherine Wood

Amy Mackenzie

Libby Rickard

Millie Simenacz

Amelia Borchard

Pippa Tanner

The Gold Award winners will also receive a Headmaster’s Commendation.

As well as the RGS Award, we also logged all the voluntary hours on the Youth Sports Trust website as part of their Step Into Sport scheme to enable our leaders to attain a nationally recognised award either for work in school or in the community. For the Bronze award students need to complete 50 voluntary hours, 100 for Silver and 200 hours for the Gold award.

Ripon Lions sponsor our Young Leader in Service Awards which is open to students throughout the school. This year 34 students have completed a total of 5442 hours between them which is an average of 160 voluntary hours per student. When the Leadership Awards arrive in school they will be presented to the students by Eric Clark who is President of Ripon Lions.

I love the fact that so many of our students give up their time to help others, be it working in Oxfam, teaching swimming to primary aged children, marshalling the Race for Life, mentoring younger children in Homework clubs, the list goes on. I am always reminded of the expression ‘A volunteer is not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.’

Helen Mackenzie