Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form Open Evening is on January 21, 2019, from 6.30pm

We hope that you will find the information in this section of the website useful and encouraging. The vast majority of our GCSE students make the decision to continue their education in our Sixth Form with a significant number of students joining us from other local schools and from further afield.

We know from experience and from consultation with our students that if you join us you are very likely to have a rewarding and successful time.

One of the great strengths of our sixth form is that it is small enough for all students to soon become known to staff and to their peers.

Our Sixth Form is led by:

Head of Sixth Form – Mr T Fell
Deputy Heads of Sixth Form – Mrs M Dodds, Mrs J Fell
Sixth Form Co-ordinator – Mrs E Griffiths

Central to the support structure for our sixth formers is the role of Form Tutors. Students are divided into tutor groups and register with Form Tutors twice daily. In addition to the important support and guidance provided by these tutors, some students will be offered an additional mentor with whom they will have opportunities to meet to discuss their progress.

Sixth Form Open Evening

Our Sixth Form Open Evening will be held on January 21, 2019, from 6.30pm. 

The evening will give you the chance to find out more information about courses, details on life in the sixth form and on the activities and other opportunities that make being a sixth former at Ripon Grammar such a rewarding experience.

Sixth Form Open Evening

How to Apply

To apply for a place, prospective students must return a completed application form to the school direct. Click here to go to our sixth form admissions page.

Please read carefully our information on entry requirements and other information at Sixth Form Admissions.


During the summer term after the end of the GCSE examinations, we hold an Induction Programme to smooth the transition into Sixth Form for all students who have received an offer of a sixth form place. It provides sessions in all subjects as well as the opportunity to meet other students and a chance to get to know the teaching and pastoral staff.