A fond farewell to this amazing bunch!

What a bittersweet day as we said farewell to this remarkable bunch of Year 11 students during a joy-filled leavers' assembly. We wish them the best of luck with their GCSE exams and look forward to seeing them all again on results day in August

'From the nervous yet eager faces that walked through my door on the first day of Year 7 to the confident and accomplished individuals here today, the transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary.' (Miss Jackson)

'It has been such a joy to see you all blossom from children into young adults - and what a lovely set you are." (Miss Hoskins)

'I have many fantastic memories of being tutor to 1 and 2C, including how often I would be complimented on your general brilliance and politeness by other members of staff.' (Mr Bruce)

'Don't forget the journey you've been on and the great time and the the fun that you had.' (Mr Fearnley)

'We started here in the same week, almost five years ago. So much has happened since then, not least being thrown into the world of online schooling, I do hope you can look back and reflect on all the skills you have developed to manage that journey, you've embraced a whole range  of experiences.' (Mrs Hewison)

'Congratulations on this remarkable achievement. May your future be filled with endless opportunities, boundless success and, above all, happiness.' (Miss Jackson)

'I know all the staff here ultimately have your back and remember, hard work does pay off. I remember my teacher saying to us in our leavers' assembly that the endings of stories may not be what you expect, but that doesn't mean the rest of the book wasn't a cracking read!' (Miss Hoskins)

'My abiding memory of those years of course is the sudden and surreal time which was the Covid school lockdown, through which the form managed brilliantly. Best of luck with the exams and all else... 1 and 2C forever!' (Mr Bruce)

'You have met all the challenges and ups and downs over the last few years with resilience and determination and what will stay with me is those incidents of kindness you have shown to one another.' (Miss Hoskins)

'Together, you've navigated through challenges and celebrated triumphs. You have shared laughter, tears and countless unforgettable memories." (Miss Jackson)

'Remember where you're from - go on to do great things' (Mr Fearnley)

'You are an exceptional group of young people, and I wish you the very best of luck with wherever life's road takes you next.' (Miss Hoskins)

'It's our journeys through each stage of our lives that are important and shape us as individuals. You are about to embark on your next journey. I hope you'll treasure the memories that you'll take with you from your time as an RGS student - your year group will not be forgotten. (Mrs Hewison)

'While today marks (almost!) the end of your GCSE studies, it also marks the beginning of endless possibilities.' (Miss Jackson)

'Wherever life takes you, remember the lessons learned within these walls and carry them with you as you navigate the complexities of the world.' (Miss Jackson)