ART: Brighten your day with a visit to our gallery

Self portrait by Mhairi Ellis, 18

Trees in India by Tara Schwarze-Chintapatla, 18

Pink Flowers by Jenny Rose, 18

Fountains Abbey Visitors' Centre by Euan Ellis, 16

Double portrait by Emma Money, 16

Dad by Izzy Bremner, 17

Boats at Redcar by Nat Ireland, 16

Clouds by Olivia Hogan, 17

Sheep skulls by Marianne Morri, 16

Apartment Block, India by Anika Schwarze Chintapatla, 16

Mum by Lucy Vesty, 16

Boat at Redcar by Zavi Wray, 16

Self portrait by Emily Wilson, 16

Joel (with Joel Wilson) by Emily Wilson, 17

Horse by Olivia Bland, 18

Yorkshire moorland by Annie Fry, 18

No, it's not a Jackson Pollock. This is the top of just one of the many colourful, paint-splattered tables in our incredibly creative art department!