House competitions off to a flying start

The new school year’s House competitions have got off to a flying start with strong new identities for each House thanks to a popular logo design competition, reports ANNABELLE PATERSON

THE new official House crests are proudly displayed on the house notice board. Designed by (clockwise from left) Sam Cann, Jake Hewison, Hannah Seyffert and Phoebe Ingram the logos will be used for future House competitions.

Ed Mewes, Hutton’s House captain, hopes that a House logo competition will continue as a yearly event, with the winning logos being the Houses’ identity for that year. "A House crest will hopefully increase a sense of House identity throughout the school,” added Porteus’s House captain Ben Rickard.

Additionally Diyosa Mathew, School’s House captain, said: “As our logos are designed by students it will help them feel involved within the system.”

“We were very impressed with all the entries” added De Grey’s House captain Oscar Lees.

Diyosa says School’s new official logo was beautifully designed by Hannah: “It looks very regal as well as including wings to symbolise that the sky is the limit.”

Oscar says he chose Sam Cann’s entry because of the strong design: “It will stand out well.” He particularly likes the traditional element relating to the history of the school.

Ed liked the pop art style of Hutton’s logo and Ben adds that: “Porteus’s badge will be effective at increasing a sense of House identity throughout the school, as it depicts the many different House events that cater to everyone's hobbies and interests”.

House captains are planning a short story competition and are also running weekly quizzes: “But we’re hoping to hold similar events to last year with some sports related competitions,” explained Diyosa.

*Thank you also to everyone who took part in our lockdown House competitions. Here are the final scores:
1st School with 158 points
2nd De Grey with 105 points
3rd Porteus with 91
4th Hutton with 89

Your mouth-watering bakes had our tastebuds tingling - and the winners were:
Lower school:
1st Anna Bradley (Hutton)
2nd Nadine Wilson (Hutton)
3rd Emily Harris (School)
Upper school & Sixth Form:
1st Indiana Barrett (Porteus)
2nd Amy Goodwin (School)
3rd Alice Fundell (Porteus)
4th Sam Cann (De Grey)
1st Miss Norton (Porteus)
2nd Mrs Rickard (Hutton)
3rd Miss Anderson (De Grey)

We had so many entries for the quiz, which meant lots of people tied on high scores. Fantastic to see so many taking part.