Shining a light on the backstage crew

The hardworking backstage crew of our Little Shop of Horrors production ensured the show had a professional feel. RAFAELLA SHIERS takes a glimpse behind the stage curtain to discover how they did it

THE backstage crew in any production is integral to ensuring success.The bright lights, seamless transitions and huge, mechanical plants in RGS’s production of Little Shop of Horrors made the show one to remember.

Geordan Branton, who played the central character of Seymour in the production, summed up the gratitude of the whole cast for the backstage crew when he said:“People often underestimate the importance of the backstage crew, however, being in Little Shop of Horrors with quick changes and multiple props has made me realise that what goes on backstage is just as important as what is happening on stage.”

Gaby Symonds, a talented dancer herself, took her skills backstage whilst assisting performers with makeup and quick changes. She described how she found working backstage gratifying: It gives you an insight into the work that goes into a production in order to make the onstage cast a success.”

As props manager, RoseCottrell ensured that props, from flowers to sticking plasters, were meticulously organised. Having helped out with numerous productions including House drama and Pygmalion, she has come to love the teamwork and morale involved in working backstage.

Abi Burke embraced the opportunity to be part of a show she found ‘ethereal and fun with a touch of dark humour’. She said: “As a performer myself I have found working backstage at Little Shop of Horrors an enlightening experience.”

Aspiring chemical engineer Thomas Whitelegg took on the challenging role of technical manager, a tremendous undertaking involving mastery of complex equipment and working with an enthusiastic and highly skilled team. From microphones to lighting and sound effects, Thomas and his team’s expertise ensured a captivating, professional performance.

The show really could not go on without the unsung heroes that are the backstage crew.