'Simply exceptional' - Macbeth review

Third form student ISABEL ROBINSON reviews our lower school's exceptional production of Macbeth, where actors shone and our technical team excelled

OUR lower school students' performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth was simply exceptional. The main roles, Lord and Lady Macbeth, played by Will Curtis in Year 9 and Eva Joussemet in Year 8, were astounding, and their acting was so natural. Both performances shone, and they really seemed to make the words their own as they spoke them. 

Other incredible performances included Banquo, played by Elanor Jones, Macduff, played by Benedict Dunn, and the three witches (Izzy Kirby, Chessie Abrahams and Emilia Praud).

The lighting added to the overall atmosphere and feel of the play, with the lighting and sounds team (Tom Whitelegg, Nick Hart, Jude Makey and Alistair Kettlewell) deserving respect for their work. The students who crept around the stage whenever the witches appeared helped enhance the appropriately eerie mood, a very well thought out part of the play.

Despite it being a play performed by our younger students, the acting was well beyond expectations and even outstanding in some cases. The despair of Lady Macduff after her children died, the madness of Lady Macbeth, and the violent internal conflict Macbeth suffers following his actions were really portrayed in a way so lifelike, it could have been professional. 

All the students deserve to be congratulated on their excellent acting on both nights they performed.

It was clear a lot of time and effort had been put into this production. It will certainly be difficult for next year’s production to match the high standards of this one, but I’m sure the lower school will be able to pull it off.

Finally, thanks also go to the directors, Mrs Seymour and Mr Fearnley, for organising and coordinating an event which was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and parents alike.

Headmaster Jonathan Webb commented after the performances: "What a fantastic production - so many lines, a challenging text and all at the end of a long term. There were towering performances from Will Curtis and Eva Joussemet as Lord and Lady Macbeth, with great supporting roles from all the cast under the able direction of Mrs Seymour and Mr Fearnley. Well done to all."

Thank you also to those audience members who posted their praise on social media:

'Fabulous night out, beats the West End any day'

'A great use of ensemble, allowing students to experience the thrill of performing Shakespeare, with some striking individual performances. A notable achievement.'

'Well done to all involved.'

'Wonderful that RGS offers these young pupils such an ambitious opportunity.'