SPORT: Girls' hockey and netball round-up

Our hockey and netball teams have had a season of ups and downs but our players have made great progress and learnt a lot following a number of challenging matches. DARCEY JOIA  reports


SO far this year, we have been adjusting to new teams, working together to create tactics that work best during game play. This season has seen many ups and downs, but always a lot of good spirit. Early on in September, we kicked off with many successful matches – notably, the U14 team won the area tournament against teams such as Ashville. As we moved into October, the season picked up pace and more matches were played. The U18s saw an excellent game against Queen Mary’s, but unfortunately lost 1-0. They played in an area tournament later on in the season, drawing with Ampleforth but unfortunately losing to Queen Mary’s. However, the girls’ teamwork and determination is promising for future matches this year. The U16s had some excellent games, progressing in the national cup. They also played against Ampleforth, winning 1-0, with Poppy being give player of the match. The U14s were equally resilient during game play, drawing 2-2 in a match against Cundall. The U13s and the U12s were both successful in their tournaments, coming in third and second place. The girls all played remarkably well and progressed well together over the season.

Pictured above: U18s Hockey, playing against Cundall, November 14th


THE netball teams have also had a great start to the year and have been working excellently together to develop tactics and skills, both as teams and on an individual level. The U18s saw some wonderful match play, beating St Aidan’s 20-4 in early October. The girls were excited to be taking part in the Sisters n Sport cup, however they were unfortunately knocked out of the competition during a match against Queen Ethelburga’s. The U14s also took part in the Sisters n Sport competition and will be progressing to the next round after winning the first match, which involved some wonderful teamwork and resilience. The U13s, U12s (both the A and B teams) and the U15s played in games hosted by Harrogate Grammar School. Although the results of these games might not have been what we had hoped for, the girls played with resilient determination and learned plenty from the experience. The U12s then played against Harrogate Grammar School once more later in the season, and unfortunately saw both their A and B team lose their matches. The girls, however, saw much improvement from their previous match, and their excellently planned tactics are certainly promising for games next term.

U14s Netball, Sisters’n’sport cup on October 3rd

Northern Echo Local Heroes nomination

RGS’s U19 netball team – a national state boarding school champion - was nominated for The Northern Echo’s prestigious Local Heroes awards, celebrating grass roots and elite sports in the North-East and North Yorkshire. Amelia Reed in Year 11 and lower sixth former Isabella Binks represented the team at the event at Wynyard Hall. Sadly, the netball team didn’t win the Junior Team of the Year award, which was given to the St Joseph’s School girls’ football team. But our team was still extremely proud to have been nominated.