Students create stunning jewellery from junk in lockdown challenge

CREATIVE Ripon Grammar School students rose to an innovative lockdown challenge to produce this stunning range of jewellery from recycled objects.

The Year 8 design technology pupils used everything from bottle tops, ring pulls, plastic bags, pasta, foil, corks, string and wire to make the attractive collection.

They studied examples of recycled jewellery along with the methods and materials they could use at home in a live lesson with DT teacher Mrs Stevenson.

The students then had only one hour and 20 minutes to complete the project: “They were produced in one double lesson, using only recycled or found objects. With no preparation time, they had to think fast and innovatively,” explained Mrs Stevenson.

“The emphasis was on using potentially limited materials and processes creatively,” she added. “I am very impressed with what they managed to produce in such a short time with sparse resources. It is a testament to their problem-solving abilities and their creativity in using what they could find around the house.”

Keen for students to experience the practical elements of design technology during their remote learning from home, she added: “It also provided a good opportunity for a break from screens.”