Students get to grips with fish

Students enjoyed learning how to fillet, skin and cook fresh fish thanks to a pioneering scheme. See them at work in our photo gallery below

RIPON Grammar School is one of a number of pioneering schools across the UK introducing its students to freshly caught whole fish after receiving a delivery caught off the English coast.

The Yorkshire state boarding school is working with the Fish in Schools Hero programme, managed by the Food Teachers Centre to ensure the next generation knows how to prepare, cook and get a chance to taste fresh fish.

Food and nutrition teacher Mrs Louise Solden said students taking the subject at GCSE enjoyed learning how to fillet and skin 24 large whole plaice and coley, line caught by a day fishing boat.

They then created an array of impressive dishes, including posh fish and chips and Moroccan fish tagine.

The sustainable fish, delivered in eco-friendly packaging, also sparked conversations surrounding provenance and caring for the environment, in addition to the dietary benefits of fish, all of which are studied at GCSE.

Garry Bainbridge, owner of Grimsby-based Ish Fish, which delivered the plaice and coley, said: “We have enjoyed working alongside the Fish Heroes programme, helping to bring fresh, sustainable fish into the classroom.

“We even had the chance to watch the students prepare the fish and they did a fantastic job. I hope the students enjoyed using the fish and cooking up a storm.”

Headmaster Jonathan Webb receives the fish delivery

Deputy head Helen Keelan-Edwards has a go