Students' marathon efforts for worthy cause

RGS students are impressing us all with their marathon efforts to raise money for a worthy cause, despite the restrictions of lockdown. ANNABELLE PATERSON reports

DESPITE lockdown inhibiting the usual charity week fundraising events, students have been innovative in creating new ways to support this year’s chosen charity.

Mrs Harrison’s form 4C pupils are collectively walking more than 300 miles, the distance from the UK to France, to support Blueprint for All (formerly known as the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust), which aims to help create a more inclusive society.

Florence Maylor, 15, who plays netball for the county, and Lucie Brown, 14, a keen horse rider, achieved their personal challenge of walking a marathon together in one day to contribute to the form’s mileage.

They planned and navigated the 26.22-mile route themselves, allowing time for just a 30-minute break along the way.

The duo, who have never walked such a distance before, set off from Ripon at 7.30am, walking across the countryside and through surrounding villages to complete their challenge by 4pm.

Florence, from Ripon, and Lucie, from Laverton, explained that it was a spontaneous decision and, although they found the last three miles particularly difficult, they are proud they completed it and greatly enjoyed each other’s company during the challenge.

If you would like to support 4C’s walk to France, please click here:

Other forms are also launching challenges, including 1C aiming to complete 217 miles in a week:

Please apply Gift Aid if possible.

*The charity has recently changed its name to underline its goals of driving systemic change in organisations and create a more inclusive society. The inclusivity has a poignant focus on encouraging equality in career opportunities and job progression. These matters are highlighted by research showing, 37 per cent of FTSE 100 companies don’t have a BAME director. The charity focuses on three developmental stages: secondary school, higher education and early careers. The charity’s network also supports more than 120 small voluntary and community groups. Blueprint for all’s Community Leadership Academy supports smaller charities led by or run for the BAME community.