Young carer wins top grades to achieve dream of becoming a doctor

A YOUNG carer has collected the top A-level grades she needs to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

Ripon Grammar School student Febe Elsayghe was inspired to study medicine after helping care for her disabled sister Monica.

The 18-year-old, who achieved three A*s in maths, chemistry and biology, and will study medicine at Newcastle University, found juggling online learning with her caring role during lockdown particularly challenging.

Her 23-year-old sister’s learning disability and autism means she has difficulty communicating and needs assistance with everyday activities, so Febe and parents Reham and Joseph, along with 20-year-old sister Jessica, need to help with everything from dressing to feeding.

“It was definitely harder during lockdown as we were all inside and trying to balance that with online school was a hard task,” says Febe.

“Monica was taken out of her normal routine and wasn’t able to understand the unusual situation. It was difficult to deal with, but we all came together as a family to help.”

She added: “When I was young, I was curious about my sister’s condition and would ask her care team questions as well as doing my own research. That’s when I began to get interested in a career in medicine.

“I found the genetics and intricacy of the human body really interesting, and I knew I wanted to help people.”

Febe, who also has a part-time admin job at a local estate agent and is a keen dancer, added: “Ripon Grammar School handled the Covid situation so well and managed to make my time at sixth form unforgettable.

“The past seven years at RGS have been amazing and I would like to thank all the staff for all the great memories and helping me get to the next stage of my life!”