200 Club

What can you get for just £1.25 these days? Not a lot! You could however, for just £1.25 per month, be a member of the exclusive FRGS 200 Club and be in with a chance each and every month of winning a £50 first prize or £25 second prize. Winners are published on the RGS website and in RGS News regularly and nearly £1,000 is given away in prizes every year

At least 40% of the money received is given away in prize money with each monthly draw and the remainder goes to into the FRGS funds. The current funding priority is the refurbishment of 2 classrooms within School but in previous years the School mini bus, for instance, has been funded by money raised by the Friends of Ripon Grammar School and the funds have been used to purchase other things for School like the screen in the main hall, art, IT and music equipment as well as sports items and a host of other beneficial things for Ripon Grammar School. The Friends of RGS and the Head of School, Mr Webb, decide on the projects to be funded on an ongoing basis.

If you join the 200 Club you will be allocated unique numbers which will be entered into the draw every month. You can pay by a monthly standing order of just £1.25 per month per number or, if you prefer, an annual standing order of just £15 per year and you can start this during any month of the year. Cheques or cash are accepted for membership and each eligible member can purchase a maximum of 20 numbers.

You are eligible to join the 200 Club if you currently have a child/children at RGS, are an Old Riponian or you are a member of RGS staff, a governor or are connected with the School in some way. This Club is not open to the general public. If you would like to support the School in this way and join the 200 Club, we would love to have new members! Please ask for a joining form from the School Office or you can download a joining form here. Please hand it into the School Office once completed.

Thank you for considering the FRGS 200 Club as a way to support your child/children whilst at Ripon Grammar School. It's £1.25 very well spent!

Eleanor Hartas On behalf of the Friends of RGS

200 Club Winners 2018/2019

September 1st 93 Hilary Cook

2nd 132 Richard Lockey

October 1st 172 James Bradley

2nd 42 Lesley Webb

November 1st 148 Clare Tremaine-Kendall

2nd 41 Andrew MacNamara

December 1st 222 Kevin Vollens

2nd 116 Lucy Stewart-Mills

January 1st 194 Sarah Franklin

2nd 210 Morgan Hartas

February 1st 159 Emma Hewison

2nd 174 Joanne Taylor

March 1st 198 Zita Brampton

2nd 207 Morgan Hartas

April 1st 18 Ele Hartas

2nd 68 Dawn Almond

May 1st 107 Richard Palmer-Jones

2nd 7 Michael Hartas

June 1st 155 Jenny Mews

2nd 98 Sara Frankland

July 1st 64 Mrs Mitten

2nd 149 Catherine Eave

August 1st 94 Bliss Titchmarsh

2nd 35 Heather Glegg

Additional Draws of £30 each:

141 Leanne Marris

53 Andrew Kitchingman

209 Morgan Hartas

189 Elizabeth Burningham

90 Eleanor Hartas

169 James Bradley

37 Andrea Dimbleby

201 Morgan Hartas

24 Sibta Aziz

121 Fiona Laycock

109 Elizabeth Reck

200 Club Winners 2019/2020

Sepember 1st 129 Fiona Laycock

2nd 69 Dr Gemma Escott

October 1st 138 Eleanor Dewar

2nd 184 Rachel Blythe

November 1st 63 Catriona Dowse

2nd 36 Mr & Mrs Simenacz

December 1st 49 Mike Hartas

2nd 3 Sara Disbury