Dear all,

As many of you will be aware, SharePoint is the application that the school uses to provide support materials for students amongst other things. Each department has developed its own area to fit the needs of the subject and it is an excellent way for students to access additional materials in preparation for tests. It is worth noting that this is a student-access facility and parents do not have direct access to this resource, although of course you are welcome to look at it with your son or daughter.

A number of students have had some difficulty accessing the site from home. For all those students with internal (school) emails, this information has already been sent to them directly via the IT manager. For all other students information will have been provided in school but I thought it would be helpful if this was clarified with parents too.

To access SharePoint from home: [Link also on school home page]
Upon accessing SharePoint you will asked for your username and password. When entering your username please make sure it is in the following format:
ripongrammar\username (please note a backslash NOT a forward slash)
For example if Joe Bloggs’ username was bloggsj it would look like this:

If there are any further problems accessing the site, please speak with your teacher or email Mr Auger ( who will try to help with a solution.

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Mr K Auger

Deputy Headteacher

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