Survey for Neurodiversity & Development at Durham University

Dear parents/carers,

NEW STUDY from the Centre for Neurodiversity & Development at Durham University: looking at what school success means for autistic and non-autistic pupils in mainstream secondary schools.

The Psychology Department here at RGS recently enjoyed an excellent talk from PHD students at the Centre for Neurodiversity & Development at Durham University, Jess Hirst and Rhys Proud, all about their work focussing on enhancing the educational experience of students with sensory processing differences, including autism.

As part of their work they require participants to take part; recruitment can often be the hardest part of their job. Jess has recently begun a new piece of research and we are forwarding the details to see if your child would be interested in filling out her short online survey. As our students are under 18 you would need to give parental consent, which is integrated into the first section of the survey.

This in an online survey which will take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete and is aimed at both autistic and non-autistic pupils (aged 12-17) and young adults who have recently completed their time at school (aged 18-20). Please see below for the survey links for you or your child/young person to take part: