Food, glorious food: what students think about new menus

An innovative new catering company has been working with our school chefs to develop a tasty and nutritious range of meals, says ROMOLA OGUNDAIRO, who reports on what students think about the new menus

THE new catering company provides the best meals and has received positive feedback from students. From breakfast with boarders, to school lunch and boarders’ dinner, everything is excellently prepared. Here’s what some students have to say:

“I like the variety that is on offer, there’s something for everyone including hot meals, paninis, salads and even desserts. I love the boarding meals because they incorporate our suggestions into their meal plan. My favourite meal is the spaghetti Bolognese!”


“Before attending RGS, I couldn’t imagine myself liking vegan meals. However, I find myself usually going for the vegan option because it’s so delicious. However, if I had an unlimited supply of one of the school’s foodstuffs, it would be the pizzas. They are so good! I love the barbecue ones.”


“I really enjoy the fish-and-chip meals; we can choose either battered fish or crispy fish and both are amazing! I can also grab pastries from the sixth form kitchen as there is such a variety of them.”


“My favourite meal is the Chinese rice with prawn crackers during dinner. The kitchen staff are extremely friendly and are always open to feedback.”


“I love the new food, especially the pain au chocolat! They taste so good and there is a wider variety of paninis this year which I believe is good because whenever you need to have a quick lunch, paninis are the best option.”


A sample of some of the new menus, below: