Award-winning RGS named as leader in its field

RIPON Grammar School has been named the top grammar school in the North of England in prestigious national awards highlighting educators who are leaders in their field.

Education and Training Awards co-ordinator Chloe Smart, of Corporate Vision magazine, who announced 2020’s winners today, said: Skills, personality, outlook, ethos, drive, hobbies and ambition are all rooted in early life. The role of an educator is utterly fundamental to the fabric of our society.

“When education faulters, it can have catastrophic ripple effects across generations. Yet, when education is exemplary, it can determine the progression of a nation.”

She added: “The Education & Training Awards were launched to spotlight the paragons of education and training and we have endeavoured to showcase those that have truly come to define the sector they work in. I am proud to offer all the winners my congratulations and best wishes for the future.”

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*Corporate Vision magazine, which contains features from across world, is published monthly by Al Global Media.