Building for the Future Project

In 2012, Building for the Future- a special RGS competition- began as a way of giving second form pupils a taste of running their own business and preparing them for a range of exciting careers.

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12fth July 2016, their challenge began. Ten groups of twelve students were given the task of designing a new classroom block for Ripon Grammar School and pitching their ideas with a scale model and formal presentation to a group of expert judges. They were competing to produce the most innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly designs. The brief was made more challenging this year by the absence of a formal budget, so teams had to think hard about how best to offer value for money, whilst also anticipating the plans of their peers...

The project commenced with pupils applying for specific job roles such as Project Manager or Interior Architect, writing CVs and covering letters as part of the PSCHEe programme. They were assigned roles suited to their qualities and skills by the careers department, who also gave detailed feedback on every individual application!

On Monday morning, the project was kicked-off with specialist sessions with a specific adult who taught the pupils about their chosen role and imparted expert advice to be fed back to the pupil groups.

Two apprehensive days later, after negotiating, designing, costing, buying and constructing, the groups prepared and delivered their presentations. The panel of judges- which included a manager of a real construction firm, a designer and an aspiring architect along with teachers- watched each presentation and decided on winners in different categories. Group 2 won the award for eco-awareness, group 6 for best team effort, and group 9 for the best overall design and pitch.

Report below by Emma Adams and Elizabeth Calland-Brooke, 2nd form