Dr Paul Hullah Poetry Prize 2017: Results

Huge congratulations to all who entered this year's Dr Paul Hullah Poetry Prize, sponsored by an Old Riponian now a poetry professor in Japan. He thoroughly enjoyed the shortlist as selected by RGS English teachers, and has announced the winners this year, describing it as 'balletic' and 'melodic'. We look forward to seeing the 2018 entries from the current fourth and fifth form on the theme of Truth- please see website for further details.

2017 WINNER: Tabitha Milton ‘Stop.'

VERY HIGHLY COMMENDED: Cathryn Payling ‘The Isle of Demarcation’

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Seb Lyons ‘Sun Lit Shores'


Fin Pruden ‘Sky Above...'

Emily Parry ‘Empty Memories'

Flora Manik 'A Place I Have Never Been - Despair'

Ewan May ‘A Place I Have Never Been'

Jess Hasson ‘Confessions of a Non-Conformist'

Amber Ford 'A Place I Haven't Been'

Kate Scott ‘Queens Street - New Zealand'

Elliot Hutchinson ‘Simon on the Streets'

Tom Senior ‘The Oh So Gracious Fallen’