OUDOOR ADVENTURES: Third formers rise to the challenge

Our intrepid third formers rose to every challenge during an action-packed outdoor adventure week at Bewerley Park Centre for Outdoor Education. MOLLY BLYTHE and JONTY ALLEN describe how they left their mobile phones behind to leap outside their comfort zones 

THE moment you step into Bewerley Park grounds, lugging your suitcase behind you, you know you are in for a week of fun.

The fast-paced environment you throw yourself into is overwhelming. The activities you do take you way beyond the gates of the centre and completely out of your personal comfort zone. You do things you have never done before!

Having said that, it was not all as scary as some people thought it might be. The Bewerley Park staff are really caring and encouraging at the same time and, for me, it is this that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and do so many amazing things. Okay so some of the activities aren’t for everyone, but as long as you get stuck in and have a go, you guaranteed to have a fun week.

Another good opportunity that comes from spending a week at Bewerley is in getting away from technology. The chance to not go on your phone for a week seems daunting but in all honesty: I didn’t miss mine at all!

Molly Blythe 3C

BEWERLEY Park was an amazing experience that broke the school routine and put me on the edge of my comfort zone!

The activities we did were varied and each individual could go at a different pace, have different goals with different levels of challenge personalised to them. This pushed people out of their comfort zone and created a real sense of achievement. The activities also created a great group atmosphere and allowed people to socialise and strengthen old friendships as well as creating new ones.

Some of the activities included jumping off ledges into cold water, climbing up rocks, abseiling down cliffs, kayaking and much more.

Having an opportunity to dorm with friends may also have been a new experience for some and it was a great way to talk, laugh and joke with others. I found this extremely good fun and amusing even though the time spent in our dorms was minimal. We were required to sleep - and we definitely needed it!

Overall, it was an extremely positive trip that I will look back on with a huge smile.

Jonty Allen 3C