REUNION NEWS: The Class of '73

Our 1973 leavers met up for their 50th anniversary reunion in May. Using the Unicorn Hotel on market square as their base, they enjoyed a pub lunch together followed by a tour of RGS and an evening dinner at Ripon Rugby Club

Organiser Jan Spencer commented: “There were 21 Old Rips in total, not bad after 50 years. Our thanks to the headmaster and Terry & Greta, plus our student tour guides who enabled us to travel back in time and relive so many positive memories.

The boarders among us particularly enjoyed visiting School House and seeing the big changes that have occurred.”

Those at the reunion pictured in the sixth form block photo below are, left to right:

Chris Fisher, John T Pearson, Mike Foxton, Katie Lister, Colin Rushmere, Jan Spencer, Nick Goss, Chris Rowland, Andrew Tracey, Lesley Carlton, Alan Hornsey, Helen Watts, Linda Pullan, Martin Richardson, Dinky Clarke, Dave Howarth, Mike Tillett, Steve Jones, Liz Mitchell, Neil Rothwell, Hilary Burton, former teachers John Saul and David Postlethwaite and headmaster Jonathan Webb

Remember 1973?

January – UK joined the EEC.

February – Court rules The Sunday Times can publish articles on thalidomide.

March – Pink Floyd release The Dark Side of the Moon.

April - VAT comes into effect in the UK.

May – 1.6 million workers go on strike over government pay restraints.

July – Parliamentary by-elections in Ripon result in a gain by the Liberal Party.

October – Queen Elizabeth opens Sydney Opera House.

November - Last of the Summer Wine begins its first series run on the BBC

December – Coal shortages result in the implementation of the Three-Day Week.