RGS NEWS: A message from the headmaster

WELCOME to the final edition of RGS News for this academic year. As always, thank you to Mrs Savage and her team of helpers in putting together this fantastic newsletter which I hope captures just some of the very many and varied activities undertaken by our students during the lockdown period. It is remarkable how innovative many have been in adapting to the impact of social distancing, semi-isolation and the loss of simple routines such as going to school. Having recently built my own pergola in the garden I am nevertheless resisting the temptation to attach a bungee rope, fill a pool, and swim front crawl!

Of course, we are slowly emerging from the crisis which has engulfed us all since late March. School is springing back to life and it has been great to see the Year 10s and 12s back in school, as well as staff, on staggered days for their face-to-face support sessions. For many it has been very strange to return, but just the simple of act of chatting with friends has brought a degree of normality back to all our lives.

The last few weeks have affected us all in so many different ways. I do hope however that all of our school’s community have been able to keep going with the online learning. While this has no doubt created many challenges, I am sure students have learnt important lessons about organisation, independent learning and adapting skills to utilise technology. This will have important benefits for life after school and particularly at university. We have all learnt to video conference and it does seem clear that ways of working will alter as a result. As a school it will be important to reflect on how we can adapt the learning process and utilise technology more to supplement the classroom experience.

I would particularly like to thank RGS staff for rising to all the challenges of the past three months so commendably and also our parents for being so supportive during these difficult times.

I remain hopeful that we can return back to normality in September. It may well be that some restrictive measures remain in place but as yet we have no further guidance from the government. However, there will be plenty to reflect on, not least ensuring that our students can return to school not feeling anxious either about their social interactions or their work. Many will be in a strong position to pick up the pace of work again no doubt and once we have clarity on the nature of GCSE and A-level assessments next year we will adapt the curriculum accordingly.

I will be writing to all parents more formally before the end of term, but in the meantime wish all a safe and happy summer break when it comes.