RGS soap stars show they mean business

WHEN eight inventive Ripon Grammar School students decided to launch their own brand of hand-made Yorkshire-themed soap, little did they realise just how popular it would be.

The sweet-smelling organic RGS ‘Right Good Soap’ was so highly sought-after it sold out instantly when they launched it shortly before the country went into lockdown.

Sixth form student Liberty Robinson and her talented Young Enterprise team devised the idea for their soap back in September, long before the coronavirus pandemic and the government’s handwashing campaign.

Project manager Liberty, 17, from outside Easingwold, explained how, by the time they went into production, everyone was crying out for soap: “We knew we wanted to create something in the toiletries and beauty market, as there is always demand for it.

“But with the anticipated closure of schools and the upcoming Mother’s Day, we completely sold out of our stock when we launched.”

Now Liberty and her team plan to reinvest the money they made into making more soap bars, once the country comes out of lockdown: “We want to re-open our business as soon as possible,” she said.

Finance and sales director Harry Williams, 17, from Wetherby, explained how the team wanted their products, including Gardener’s, Cedar and Sea soaps, to capture the essence of Yorkshire’s moors and coast.

He said they had all enjoyed the creative side of the developing their product, which is also vegan-friendly and uses environmentally sustainable biodegradable packaging: “We wanted to create soap bars, not plastic bottles or anything wrapped in plastic.”

In keeping with their theme, they came up with a quirky, colloquial-sounding Yorkshire brand name, which also reflects the school they all come from: “We wanted to use our school connection to help boost our sales and reputation and make it more personal to us,” explained Liberty.

She says the most important thing she has learnt is time management and perseverance: “It’s important deadlines are met.”

The Young Enterprise Scheme, backed by volunteers from local companies, provides young people aged 15-19 years old with the opportunity to set up and run their own business while they are still at school.

Right Good Soap costs £4 for one bar/ £7 for two

Email: sales@rightgoodsoap.co.uk

Instagram: @rightgoodsoap

Twitter: @right_soap

Team members:

Managing director: Liberty Robinson

Finance & sales: Harry Williams

Digital and technology: Gabe Ali

Company secretary (admin): Samuel Currass

Marketing: Izzy Jowitt-Gelber

Human resources: Benedict Newman

Sustainability: Catherine Garnett

Operations: Chris Moxon