Students learn to save a life

ELEVEN students who dived into lifeguard training classes at RGS have emerged with coveted nationally recognised qualifications.

The sixth formers - Evie Blaylock, Olivia Briggs, Oliver Brown, Paddy Burnham, Nathan Callahan, George Curtis, Tom Hirst, Theo Kendrick, James Pollington Clyne, Harriet Robinson-Baker and Luca Sutton - all gained vital skills that could help them save a life.

They passed the most widely recognised pool lifeguard qualification in the UK & Ireland in addition to qualifications in first aid, life support, anaphylaxis management and defibrillator training.

Tutor Myles Strudwick, who has been involved in lifeguarding and lifesaving for 20 years, both nationally and internationally, said the students now have a set of four extremely valuable qualifications.

“This is such an impressive set of qualifications to achieve before leaving school. There are lots of benefits, in both life skills and employability, applicable in many areas of life.

“The students worked diligently over the course of two terms and their performance at assessment was of an extremely high standard. Now they have invaluable skills which can be applied in any workplace, making them prime candidates for prospective employers. They will be an asset to any workplace in the future.

“All their hard work and effort really paid off. It has been a pleasure to work with them.”

The National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) is a requirement for most lifeguarding jobs.

Practical lessons allow students to have hands-on experience in lifeguarding swimming sessions and simulated emergency situations, along with first aid training and practice, as well as engaging with the theory in lessons and written work.

They have been using their Wednesday afternoon enrichment period - when sixth formers take a break from studies to explore other activities – to gain their qualification, which involves lessons for two hours a week, with additional home study.