Students' top tips for coping with life in lockdown

Students have been sending us their top tips for coping with life in lockdown. We would love more. If students or parents have any top tips or anything to share which will inspire others - such as your proudest achievement in lockdown - please email Ruth Savage on

Keen photographer Annabelle Paterson (Year 12) says: My top tip is to spend the extra time we now have at home exploring personal interests. Yesterday I spent the time I would have been on the bus taking photographs in our garden.

Jasper Wood (Year 13) says: Do the Joe Wicks workout, play board games, watch a film marathon and, lastly (parents will love this one!) tidy your room and help out around the house as best as you can.

Emma Belward (Year 13) says: I’m trying to learn new things and keep my brain active. My goal is to study medicine at university and I want to be mentally prepared to take on this challenge. I’m also trying to stay in regular contact with family members - including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents - despite not being able to see them, which has involved teaching my granny how to FaceTime.