Take time out to look after your wellbeing

OVER the last year young people have had to cope with social isolation, home schooling, changed school routines due to Covid-19 and, for many, the uncertainty of public examinations. 

We know this has been challenging and recognise the pressures it has created in their lives. Thankfully, we are returning to school next week, and hopefully some sort of normality in the coming term. 

Before all students return on Wednesday March 11, they are being given the opportunity to spend some time focusing on their wellbeing, as all too often the pressures of work mean we forget how to enjoy life. See below some ideas as to how students can spend Wednesday March 3, our Wellbeing Wednesday, when there will be no online lessons to school work.

*Should you have any concerns about your child’s mental health and wellbeing please contact their head of year.