Parentpay Lunch Accounts

Dear Parents

Currently we have over 18% of day student accounts in arrears for school meals taken. This is money which is owed to the caterers not the school.

While accounts are usually settled after a time, and we understand that occasionally they might dip into arrears, unfortunately an account in arrears requires a manual override at the tills. This slows down the process resulting in longer queuing times at lunch, which only adds to the other logistical issues we have with a building designed as an assembly hall.

A few parents have access to the ‘top up facility’ which makes an automatic transfer from their bank account when the account dips below a set figure. Unfortunately, this facility is still in ParentPay’s ‘pilot phase’ and is therefore not widely available to all parents at RGS. Those parents that have this facility may have had access from another school. I am hopeful it can be rolled out to RGS as soon as possible and I will continue to request this from ParentPay.

Until such time, I would be grateful if all accounts could be settled as soon as possible with enough money provided each week to enable food to be purchased using the cashless technology.

Jonathan M Webb


Ripon Grammar School