Protocols regarding use of mobile phones

Dear Parents,

Please find attached an updated mobile phone protocol for Ripon Grammar School.

As you might expect, with the ongoing developments in technology and the increasing use of mobile telephones for a variety of purposes, we have felt the need to review our mobile phone protocol. The content of this revised protocol is not dissimilar to our current protocol, despite what the students may tell you, but we felt that in order to raise awareness of our expectations and intentions, it was necessary to revisit the existing protocol by consulting with staff and the student council and devising an updated protocol.

Quite simply, we are striving to reduce the use of mobile phones on the site during the day and as such will be expecting not to see them at all during the day except under exceptional circumstances. Clearly phones are helpful for students to be able to contact you (and vice versa) if there is a change in arrangements at appropriate times of the day and we have tried to make appropriate provision within the protocol (see document) but otherwise, phones should not be seen during the day. There are other ways in which you can contact the school if an urgent matter arises and likewise a student (with permission) or the school will contact you if necessary.

This protocol has been mentioned briefly in the context of adaptation in the whole school assembly on Wednesday 5 April and it was revisited in more detail on the first assembly of the summer term (24 April) and through form tutors during form time.

I am sure we can count on your support to ensure that mobile phones are used appropriately in school at all times.

Kind regards

Mr K Auger

Deputy Headteacher