Topics and dates of upcoming Y7, Y8 and Y9 examinations

Dear parents Y7, Y8 & Y9 students,

Please find details of the upcoming maths examinations below. Students can prepare themselves using the past papers and other worksheets on their year group's page of MathsPanda (

Year 7

Date (first double period in 3rdweek after half-term)

This is a week later than in the scheme of work.

7A: RLB Wednesday 8thMarch

7B: JUD Monday 6thMarch

7C: WBH Monday 6thMarch

7D: JW Tuesday 7thMarch


1×60 minutes (non-calculator)


Unit 16 - Linear equations

Unit 3 - Graphs

Unit 5 – Angles

Unit 7 – Number patterns and sequences

Unit 13 – Searching for patterns

Unit 9 – Area and perimeters

Unit 22 – Volume

Year 8

Date (first double period in 2ndweek after half-term)

Monday 27thFebruary

This is a week earlier than in the scheme of work.


2×30 minutes (calculator/non-calculator)


Unit 2 – Factors (from Form 1)

Unit 9 – Fractions and percentages

Unit 8 – Algebra: Brackets

Unit 12 – Formulae

Unit 10 – Probability of 2 events - up to and including sample space diagram (Ex 10.3)

Year 9

Date (first double period in 3rdweek after half-term)

Tuesday 7th March


2×30 minutes (calculator/non-calculator)


Number, including HCF/LCM and recurring decimals (from F2)

Percentages and ratio

Algebra 2

Angles, areas and volumes

Right-angled triangles - up to and including 'finding angles using trigonometry' (i.e. no surds, exact trig or elevation/depression)


Mr Neil White

Head of Mathematics