FEEDBACK: Keeping lines of communication open

We would like to thank all of you for your kind words, co-operation and understanding during these unprecedented times. You can send your news and views throughout lockdown to our Feedback column. Please email Ruth Savage on with your news, views or top tips and inspirational stories which may help others at this difficult time. Below is a selection of some of the emails and social media messages we have received since school was forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic

Peri Langdale (by email)

THANK you very much for keeping the lines of communication open between sixth formers and home during ‘lockdown’. The RGS News is a veritable ray of sunshine!

I am so glad you posted Mr Fell’s traditional ‘farewell and best of luck’ speech. It was particularly important to our family because Verity, our youngest, is now an Old Rip. It was lovely seeing the back of her head in the school hall for the last time.

I am saddened that children going to other schools did not have the closure, the completion of a leavers’ assembly which creates a bridge between their old and new relationship with secondary school; child and adulthood. The only way to have a good start on a new life is to end the outgrown one appropriately, with hope, action and dignity, I feel as a mum.

You’re doing a great job pulling everyone together through the RGS News, giving a platform to the outstanding leaders at the grammar – Mr Webb, Mr Auger, Miss Murray, Mr Fell, Mrs Keelan-Edwards – who have provided so much security and self-pride in the pupils; and staff like Mrs Mars, Mrs Henson and Mrs Mackenzie, full of warm, creative gusto to inspire. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us.

Cathy Pickard (on Facebook)

I WOULD like to say thank you on behalf of my family and myself to all teachers and staff at Ripon Grammar School, where my youngest is about to do her GCSEs. She has had dedicated, caring teachers who have helped to guide her. All I can say is thank you. The last few days (since school closed) have been very emotional in our house, as I’m sure it has been for the majority of children and parents. Times are very strange for all of us and this isn’t how school days should have ended for these young people, very sad. I wish all staff and children the very best. Stay well and happy xxxx

Stuart Bentley (on Facebook)

THANKS for all your brilliant efforts to make their last day special considering everything that is going on. It’s much appreciated by parents.