Fun run gets off to a flying start

Chair of FRGS, RUTH CURTIS, reports on RGS's inaugural 3K Family Fun Run 

THIS was a superb evening, with children and parents running together in our very first 3K fun run held in the school grounds. After a lively warm up to music, Director of Sport Mr Milner led the first lap on his bike to demonstrate the route used for school’s cross country. We welcomed some primary-aged runners and a number from Ripon Runners, so all ages were represented. However, it was our very own Year 7 Angus Millar who recorded the fastest time of the evening, breaking through the finishing tape with a time of 12.24 mins. Some fabulous race times were achieved, which will stand as records to try and be broken next year. After refreshments, organised by FRGS, Mr Webb presented medals to first place winners across the different age categories, with the exception of his own medal which was presented by Mr Milner!

YRS 3-4 GIRLTia Quinn16.28 mins
YRS 5-6 GIRLIzzy Forsythe13.50 mins
YR 7 BOYAngus Millar12.24 mins – course winner for boys
YR 7 GIRLElla Curtis14.38 mins
YR 8 BOYJosh Risbey14.04 mins
YR 8 GIRLElla Tadd13.27 mins – course winner for girls
YR 9 BOYZeb Walker-Hill15.08 mins
YR 11 BOYBen Lancaster13.18 mins
YR 12 GIRLTina Todd15.25 mins
ADULT FEMALEMrs Millar16.06 mins
ADULT MALEMr Webb17 mins

The evening raised £175.00 profit for Friends of School funds. Thank you to all those who contributed and took part.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year and welcoming some new competitors too!

Friends of RGS