Joseph's marathon effort for poorly animals

AN RGS past pupil who has only recently taken up running is making a marathon effort to help raise funds for a charity which helps thousands of poorly animals.

Joseph Horner (pictured far left, above), who left RGS in 2019, is a fifth-year veterinary student at Clare College, Cambridge, and hopes to raise £1,000 for the Camvet charity.

He explained: “Camvet is a small charity dedicated to raising funds for the veterinary school hospital in Cambridge, which runs on a not-for-profit basis, so their goal is to fund essential equipment and facilities for diagnosing and treating the many thousands of animals referred for care.

Internationally renowned, the school provides crucial care for sick and injured animals, outstanding veterinary education and leading edge clinical research.

“Many of us have seen our pets suffering and were glad a vet was on hand to help cure or relieve their pain. By donating to Camvet you will be helping both the animals currently undergoing treatment, and animals in the future.

“Every donation, no matter how large or small, really does make a huge difference to their animal patients. Camvet have also helped fund many facilities we use as veterinary students on a daily basis, helping us gain the skills to help our patients in the future.”

See Joseph’s fundraising page here:

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