JUNIOR DRAMA: A timeless tale of kindness and hope

What a magnificent show! We enjoyed wonderful performances, dedication and energy from the whole cast of Scrooge, aided by slick and professional backstage, technical and production teams. Bravo all!

Set against a bleak backdrop of poverty and deprivation, this is a story which offers a bright message of hope through the redemption of the cold-hearted, money-obsessed Ebeneezer Scrooge.

The explanation as to why, in the sweltering heat of summer, we chose to put on a play set around Christmas is that Christmas is timeless, and Dickens's message about kindness and hope is relevant and important at any time of year. It is also a play of many, many parts and we aim, in the junior drama club, to give as many as possible the opportunity to take part. Without exception, students rose to the challenge and - each and every one - shone both on and off stage.

Rehearsal photographs by  HELENA McMURRAY (See full cast and backstage team list at the end)