RGS NEWS QUIZ: Who's behind the mask?

The colourful and witty themed masks which staff have donned around school have brightened up our first term back at RGS. Some highlight the subjects they teach, others betray interests outside school or simply reflect their personalities. How many can you guess correctly? (Answers below)

Top, clockwise from top left: Head of RE, Mr Clarke, cover supervisor Mrs Bennington, chemistry teacher Mrs Caldwell, PE teacher Miss Gilfillan, history teacher Mr Bruce

Middle, clockwise from top left: Acting head of geography, Mrs Colville-Robins, laboratory technician Mrs Creswell, librarian Mrs Dring, RE teacher Miss Jackson, English teacher Mrs Mars, teaching assistant Mrs Rickard

Above, clockwise from top left: Maths teacher Dr Dekanski, psychology teacher Mrs Roy, head of art Mrs Henson, head of science Dr Grime, deputy head Mrs Keelan-Edwards