WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Brogan Dale (2010)

BROGAN DALE (left RGS in 2010)

After RGS, I went on to study a dual honours degree in business management and law at Keele University. Confirming my love of business, which I first discovered in sixth form, I then went on to take an MSc in accounting and finance at Aston Business School, which was a real step out of my comfort zone.

However, after enduring long lectures and complicated formulas, I passed my exams and subsequently secured an internship at Deutsche Bank in Birmingham, in 2014, which is where I began my career.

In my time at Deutsche Bank, I have sat in three very different roles within finance, relocated and worked through the initial public offering (IPO) of Deutsche Bank’s asset management unit (DWS), which is where I work now as a competitor and market research analyst in London.

In my six years at the company, first Deutsche Bank and then DWS, I have made every effort to contribute to the firm outside my day-to-day role. To date, I have taken part in and run the work netball team in Birmingham, set up a Toastmaster club to boost employee confidence in public speaking and taken part in and led several fundraising initiatives for our charity partners, including a dragon boat race and a half marathon for Cure Leukaemia. Currently, I sit on DWS’ NextGen Advisory Board, representing the junior population of our workforce globally, to bridge the gap between ourselves and senior management, while working on driving change from the bottom-up. To support the push for wellbeing initiatives across our business, which I believe should be a central focus in any industry, I have also trained as a mental health first aider in order to support colleagues who could be suffering from mental health illnesses.

As Brexit is implemented, I am excited to take my experience in the finance industry and my passion for people forward into the next opportunity and challenge.